Cable kits for Winpilots
PDA mountings
PDA accessories
Second hand PDA
Bug wipers

Adv kit

To connect PDA and the logger together for all Navi-gation softwares.
There are "plug and play" cables to connect almost
any PDA to any logger or GPS.
Connection box powers both unit through the cables.
It powers the logger also during the battey change
thus preventing multiple flights.

There are special kits for two-seaters  with 2A output and double PDA cables available.

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Pro kit

Pro kit is specially made to connect the Winpilot compatible variometer to PDA-logger-Winpilot Pro combination.
The data control switch allows the direct communication with the logger.

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VFR kit

Various kits for poweplane pilots

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Mini kit

Easily removable solution for glider pilot

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Compact Flash Kit 

Easily removable solutions for powerplane pilots.

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