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 Hannu Korhonen
 Imarrekatu 3
 FIN-21260 Raisio Finland
 phone/fax + 358-2-4382447
 GSM xx 358-400-828744

I have studied aircraft design at The Helsinki Technical University. I am one of the designers of at its time famous PIK-20 glider. I was involved with the design and  production of the later D-model and finally with the motorglider PIK-20E at Eiriavion Oy in Jämijärvi. 76-79

Since that i have been working with R&D at Multilift Oy (gears for trucks) for 12 years and finally had my own engineering company (Insinööritoimisto Hannu Korhonen) since -92 designing more or less everything "between the earth and sky" from black steel to reinforced plastics.

Gliding is of course my main hobby since -68. I won finnish championchips in 15m -91. I got my own PIK 20D in 1982. It was followed by an LS 6b 87-06 and am getting an ASG 29 with Turbo in january 2007.

These small items offered to you are my hobby and are keeping me in touch with foreign languages and the gliding world.