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1. Standard holder for instrument panel

Standard holder where the iPAQ is mounted as far to the right as  possible (slightly on the altimeter).
 Made of black matt powder epoxy coated aluminium.
L-plate is made of 3x25x100mm soft aluminium. The idea is bend to Z and adjust to get the right position.

2. Suction cup holder for PDA and logger           

Fitted with suction cups to the canopy.
Made of black matt powder epoxy coated aluminium.
There is space for logger
Fitting plates are available for the left or right side.  

3. Fixed  holder

The same holder as previous but without suction cups. It is to be fastened to the canopy frame. It fits to Schempp-Hirth gliders  

4. Flexible boom holder

Fitted with  suction cup or screws. PDA is fitted with magnet.
Lenght 150mm  Fitting plate 50x60mm
The flexible boom is also available with large 60x100mm back plate with Velcron tapes for PDA mounting.

5. Slide in holder

Different versions for all PDA models. Also for IPAQ:s with expansion packs. Swivel for panel mounting

PDA slides into the connector.
The connectors of various connection kits are locking tight and  covered by the holder.
Slide-in holder can be combined with the flexible boom
Long flexible boom  with bolt fitting (lenght 210mm) combined with slide-in holder  

6. Additional parts for holders 1-4

Holders 1-4 do include Velcron tapes with double sided tape to be fitted to the back of the PDA or the hard iPAQ pocket.
Aluminium plug  cover plate is available for IPAQ:s 36xx and 38-55xx.
The aluminium plug cover.