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Navigate 7

  • You must have a PC with a USB port, a memory card reader/writer, a memory card (512 MB) and a (wired, Bluetooth, Compact Flash or built-in) GPS receiver to use this product

  • Navigate in Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden from door to door on your Pocket PC

  • The most complete GPS navigation solution

  • No more traffic jams thanks to FREE real-time traffic information (in DK/N/S) (only in case of Windows Mobile for Pocket PC Phone Edition)

  • Extremely fast re-routing in case of deviation from the original route

  • Accurate and in-time navigation instructions

  • Quick address look-up thanks to FuzzySearchô address search engine

  • Keep a clear view on the road at night with night colours

  • Unlimited use without further subscriptions

  • Plug & Play installation


  • Smooth map display thanks to interpolation of GPS signal (I-GPS)

  • Uninterrupted navigation in tunnels and urban areas thanks to extrapolation of GPS signal (E-GPS)

  • On-screen exit information like on signposts along the road

  • Large button user interface for in-car use with the tip of your finger

  • Latest geographic data (NAVTEQ, Q4-2005)

  • No more speed tickets thanks to a clever warning system when exceeding a preset speed limit

  • Direct dialling to hotels, restaurants, etc. to make for example a reservation (only in case of Windows Mobile for Pocket PC Phone Edition)

  • Always driving on the correct lane thanks to lane advice when approaching crossings

  • Fly like a bird over your route

  • Description

Easy-to-use software:

  • You donít have to be an experienced driver or an IT specialist to use this product. Our professional solution is simple and user-friendly.

  • Let the product do all the calculations for you. Meanwhile, concentrate on the road ahead of you and enjoy your trip.

  • Behind the wheel. On your bike. Or simply walking. Our solution adapts to your needs and lifestyle.

  • Customize! Customize! Customize! It has never been easier to define your navigation the way you like it! Switch from day view to night view. Browse your route in the classical 2D view, or fly like a bird over the map in the more challenging 3D perspective. Change map colours. Set speed limits and speed alerts. Pick the language of the voice instructions and the user interface. Take advantage of the extensive collection of points-of-interest. Keep your expenses under control...

  • Do you want to navigate from A to B? Would you rather prefer a detour from the initial route? What about longer trips, with many stopovers? Tap a few times and off you go!

Comprehensive map coverage:

  • The geographic data is provided by NAVTEQ, a world leader in premium-quality digital map data

  • Street-level or major roads. National or Pan-European coverage. Itís up to you!
    Choose from an impressive collection of points-of-interest, including restaurants, hotels and petrol stations.

State-of-the-art technology:

  • The navigation software and maps are preloaded on the device, improving the response time. Thus, you avoid data bottlenecks via slow Internet connections or poor network coverage.

  • With Windows Mobile technology, the information is available anytime, anywhere and your experience is more personal and versatile.

Start navigating now! Itís that simple!